A New Level of Print Advertising

Demand attention and drive sales with professionally and creatively theorised and designed print advertisements from HFGD. Stop wasting your time with ads that fall into the mix - stand out from the crowd and look your best.

Please view samples in above slideshow.

Print Advertising Design Services

Option 1: Hourly Rate - min $60
Exists for clients who are on a restricted budget, have a concept already or maybe require just a singular advertisment rather than a package. Please contact me to discuss your ideas and requirements and I can supply you with a customised quote.

Option 2: Premium Package - Advertising Campaign - $460
The client is presented with 3 creative concepts (max. A5 size). Clients are allowed a maximum of 4 proofs/changes to the ads to work towards 3 press-ready products. Any required work thereafter is charged at a normal hourly rate of $60/hr.

Please note: These services require that the client book their own positioning within their selected publication. All specifications provided by the publication must be made available to HFGD prior to the commencement of the project

** Please note that all payments are required up front in order to commence a project **